Many of you must be familiar with Psilocybe mushrooms. Commonly, they are referred to as magic mushrooms. As the name indicates, there must be something magical about these mushrooms. But what is that? You will soon find this out in this article. You will be surprised to know that these mushrooms have over 190 species. Many wonder what the strongest psilocybe mushroom is out of all the species. Also, the legal regulations about the strongest psilocybe mushrooms in Canada. Let’s begin our journey and explore more about magic mushrooms. 

Strongest Psilocybe Mushroom

People have used Psilocybe mushrooms for over a thousand years. These mushrooms have mystical properties, so they are called magic mushrooms. All of them have a psychoactive compound that induces hallucinations. However, the effects may vary, and many wonder which is the strongest psilocybe mushroom. So, the most potent mushroom among the strongest psilocybe mushrooms is Psilocybe Azuerecens. 

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Benefits of Psilocybe Azuerecens

Psilocybe Azuerecens is the strongest mushroom of its psilocybe species in terms of potency. A lot of research is going on these incredible mushrooms. According to some reports, they have the potential to treat various mental illnesses. They have a bitter taste and the highest level of psychoactive components. It can be consumed in multiple ways. These include swallowing, drinking, grinding, and sniffing. Let’s have a look at the benefits of using magic mushrooms.


  • The most wonderful thing about these mushrooms is that they can treat mental illness.
  • Many use it to cope with their emotions and stress. 
  • It is a great mood booster. 
  • It can be used as a recreational drug, too.
  • To everyone’s surprise, these are used in religious and spiritual practices. 

How Strong is the Strongest Psilocybe Mushroom?

  1. Azuerecens is the most potent mushroom and #1 among the strongest species in the world. Even the smallest dose is enough to give you a serious punch. It is said to be four times stronger than any potent weed you have ever consumed. Its psychoactive components have the potential to alter reality in the consumer’s mind. These fungi are highly potent, and many report hallucinating unreal visuals. All the magic mushrooms are famous for their mystical effects. Those who got weed online keep in mind that P. Azuerecens is the strongest of all. 

Effects of P. Azuerecens

Psilocybin and psilocin, the most active compounds in this mushroom, cause its introspective effects. Some experience vivid colors, while others have reported geometric patterns. It is highly potent, and considering its after-effects, one should not consume it wildly. All users must consider its potency and the effects it can induce. Mainly, it causes hallucinations, but effects vary from person to person. For some, it can be like traveling to another dimension. This is how strongly it alters the reality for the users. It’s no surprise that this mushroom has hazardous side effects. It can make a person lose muscle strength. Although it lasts for a short time, it leads to anxious effects when it hits.  Here is a list of effects this mushroom induces according to the level of dose taken. 

  • Level 1 (mild effects)
  • Level 2 (light colors and some visuals)
  • Level 3 (Clear unreal visuals)
  • Level 4 (Strong hallucinations)
  • Level 5 (most potent dose leads to loss of reality)

Side Effects of Using the Strongest Psilocybe Mushroom

  1. Azuerecens is potent and should only be used by professional reference. Some of its physical and mental side effects include the following:
  • Heightened emotions
  • Rapid change in mood
  • Confused or altered senses because of hallucinations
  • Fera, panic attacks, paranoid behavior
  • Light-headedness
  • Sweaty hands
  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure
  • Hyperthermia
  • Disorientation
  • Lack of coordination between mind and body

Legal Regulations About the Strongest Psilocybe Mushroom

  1. Azuerecens is incredibly beneficial. However, it’s illegal in Canada. According to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA), these are considered illegal. It is because it is highly potent. It can induce intense hallucinations if taken without care. Therefore, you can only use this in Canada if authorized. Anyone who violates this law will face legal consequences. As we mentioned, there are a few exemptions for using these mushrooms. Read the following paragraph to learn more about this. 

No one can grow, sell, or buy P. Azuerecens in Canada without a liscense. The exemptions are made in CSDA to incorporate the medicinal use of the magic mushrooms. They are being widely used for psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. According to recent research, it is highly effective for people suffering from severe mental disorders. Therefore, the strongest Psilocybe mushroom is not illegal for everyone in Canada. Additionally, only licensed professionals are allowed to use this drug for patient treatment.

The Future of the Strongest Psilocybe Mushrooms in Canada

Mental illness was a great challenge to deal with. Considering the benefits of psilocybe mushrooms in treating mental disorders, many are concerned about legal restrictions in Canada. The effect of its psychoactive compound is changing the world’s perception of Psilocybe use, especially in Canada. It is a natural source of Psilocybin. The change is already here. According to 2020 reports, almost 20 Canadian companies have been listed to research and develop magic mushrooms for medicinal use. No one can tell what the near future holds regarding psilocybe mushrooms. Looking at its benefits, we can see that it will soon be included in health practices. 


Psilocybe Azuerecens is the strongest psilocybe mushroom. Its mystical effects are far stronger than those of its other 190+ species. The strength of any psilocybe mushroom is measured by its psychoactive compounds. The highest percentage of these compounds is found in Psilocybe Azuerecens. The effects vary from person to person. Also, the environment and dosage of the most potent mushroom can impact its effects. Because of its potency rate, it is also being used for mental disorders treatment. Also, its potency is the reason why it is illegal in Canada. However, due to its benefits, it will be a part of health care soon. 

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